Payroll services Spain

Payroll and Tax Services


We will help you in the process of paying to the employees and all the other functions involved with it, by preparing your payrolls every month.

Spain social security calculator
payroll and tax services

Companies set up in Spain

Register your company in Spain, quickly and safely.

Tax advice and guidance

We provide comprehensive tax consulting and reporting services for businesses of all sizes operating in Spain.

Our team of licensed tax agents before the Spanish Tax Office is dedicated to helping our clients stay compliant with tax regulations while minimizing their tax liability.

payroll and tax services
payroll and tax services

Posted workers communications

We can represent your company and make the mandatory communications in case you have to post your employees to Spain for more than eight days.

Tax advise for Amazon sellers

We offer tax compliance services for Amazon sellers in Spain.

Our team of professionals can help you navigate the complexities of VAT registration and compliance, so you can avoid penalties and focus on growing your business.

Acquire NIE (Foreing Identification Number)

Is essential in order to establish your company in Spain. We obtain quickly the NIE number for the company Administrator.

Immigration and Nationality Department

We provide a comprehensive range of services, from residence permits and Golden Visa to Spanish nationality and marriage procedures with foreigners.

We make your journey to a new life in Spain smoother.