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Our Spain Self Employee Calculator is an Excel, which is made up of different values, which help us understand how to calculate, what will be the fee and the minimum contribution base for the self employee.

This calculator is very simple to use, you must enter your annual income and the estimated expenses that you will pay.

In this way, you will obtain the monthly Social Security fee and the minimum contribution base.

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Registering as self-employed in Spain is a procedure that can generate a lot of confusion.

This becomes even more noticeable with the new reform of the selfemployed worker’s regime. Last July, the “real decreto 13/2022, of July 26” was approved, establishing a new contribution system for the selfemployed or self-employed workers.

From reduced fees to contributions based on annual net income, our calculator will shed a little light on this topic to make it easier for you to understand the scope of the changes.

Spain Self Employee Calculator

We find a new and reduced monthly rate of 80 euros in this new decree. This applies to those who register as self-employed between 2023 and 2025. This reduced quota will have a duration of 12 months. It can be extended for another 12 months if the income generated by the self-employed worker does not exceed the Interprofessional Minimum Salary (SMI).

With this new rate, the self-employed worker would save a total of €916.38 during these first 24 months of contribution.

On the other hand, we also find the new term known as Net Yield. We obtain this performance as the result of subtracting from the total income, the necessary expenses incurred by the self-employed for the development of their activity. This net return will determine the price range in which we find ourselves.

The new contribution brackets vary from 230 euros to 500 euros per month for 2023. In 2024 it varies again, ranging between 225 and 530 euros per month. Finally, in 2025 we would have a section from 200 euros per month to 590 euros per month.

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