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Exercising Voting Rights: Understanding Leave Entitlements During Spanish General Elections

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The Upcoming General Elections: Exercising Our Democratic Rights

As the General Elections to the Cortes Generales approach on July 23, Spaniards eagerly anticipate casting their votes to elect representatives to the Congress of Deputies and the Senate.

This democratic process plays a crucial role in shaping the nation’s governance and policies.

During this time, the Spanish government encourages all eligible citizens to participate actively in the electoral process.

Leave Entitlements for Voting and Electoral Participation

The Spanish labor regulations acknowledge the importance of democratic participation and allow employees to exercise their voting rights and participate in the electoral process.

This means that workers have the opportunity to take time off to cast their votes and engage in other electoral roles, ensuring that the voice of the people is heard loud and clear.

Taking Leave to Cast Your Vote

Employees are entitled to a reasonable period of time off to cast their votes during the General Elections.

This ensures that every worker has the opportunity to participate in the democratic process without facing any obstacles. Employers are required to facilitate this leave and grant employees the necessary time to vote on election day.

By supporting employees in exercising their right to vote, companies contribute to fostering an engaged and democratic society.

Participating as Election Officials: Serving Your Country

Spanish labor regulations also permit employees to participate as election officials on election day.

Roles such as President, Vocal, Apoderado, or Interventor in the electoral boards are essential for ensuring a fair and transparent electoral process. Employees serving in these roles have the right to take time off from their regular duties to fulfill their electoral responsibilities.

By allowing employees to take part in these vital roles, companies contribute to the smooth functioning of the electoral process and the strengthening of democracy.

Employing In Spain: Your Labor and Employment Advisors

At Employing In Spain, we understand the significance of democratic engagement and voting rights for both employees and employers.

As experts in Spanish labor laws and regulations, we provide professional advice to international companies with employees in Spain.

Whether you need guidance on leave entitlements, compliance with labor regulations, or any other employment-related matters, we are here to assist you.


At Employing In Spain, we recognize the importance of democratic participation and exercising voting rights during the upcoming General Elections.

As Spanish labor experts, we offer comprehensive guidance on labor and employment matters to international companies with employees in Spain.

Contact us today for expert advice and support to ensure compliance with leave entitlements and other labor regulations. Exercise your democratic rights, and let us help you navigate the complexities of labor laws in Spain.


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