Hiring workers in Spain

Rights & dutties of the employment relationship

In this post, we are going to talk about the rights & dutties of the employees in his work places and the non-compliance consequences.

First of all, in respect of minimum working rights of the employees, there are six minimum inalienable rights:

  1. Right to work and free election of employment
  2. Freedom of association
  3. Right to collective bargaining
  4. Right to take collective action disputes
  5. Right to strike
  6. Right to assembly

All of this are called basic rights by the Spanish Labour Law which impose this so called ones for all the employees.

Moreover, there are other rights which will be applied when the working relationship starts, like these ones:

  • Effective occupancy
  • Promotion and vocational training
  • Right to non-discrimination
  • Physical integrity and self & healthy working conditions
  • Right to privacy
  • Fair wage
  • Individual excercise of hearing actions derived from this insurance contract.

On the other hand, might add that employees not only have rights, but also work dutties in the employing relationship like:

  • Working with good faith and diligence.
  • Follow the employer commands.
  • Avoid unfair competition (not to compete with business activities under the terms of the labour law).
  • Contribute to the productivity improvement and any other which derive from the working contract.

As a final note, might add that employing relationship rights & dutties extend throughout the whole employment duration.