Hiring workers in Spain

We are going to talk about posted workers communication in Spain for the purpose of explaining minimum conditions for the employment, for sanctions in case of non-compliance and the requirements for employment.

According to the law the companies has an obligation to communicate the posted workers at the labour authorities previously to the travel if it is longer than 8 days.( If shorter, it is not required).

This law will be applied at stablished undertakings in countries of European Union or a European Economic Space that post workers to Spain in a transnational provision of services.

The communication will be done by electronic resources. This posted workers communication must contain the following information:

posted workers communication in spain

  • Identification of the undertaking that will post the workers.
  • Fiscal residence of the undertaking and his tax ID.
  • Personal and professional details of the posted workers.
  • Identification of undertakings and his work centers where the posted workers will be working.
  • Scheduled duration.
  • Posted Workers occupation.
  • Identifying and contact details of natural or legal person, which represent the undertaking and act as an intermediary wit the labour authority.

The breach of this obligation could lead to a sanction by the labour authorities.

This communication has to be applied by a legal representative in Spain.

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